Not to be a wet blanket…

…but someone at HGTV should’ve known better: flamenco music is not Argentine.

I was very excited about having a moment to revel in watching one of my favorite shows “House Hunters International.” Until that is, the episode began. I was so distracted by the discord in music (castanets, guitar, gypsy-women yelling) and image (Buenos Aires) that I couldn’t keep track of why Marisa and Mark needed to move.

True, I may be one of the only viewers bothered by this intro. After taking flamenco dance lessons while living in Sevilla I have a soft spot for flamenco music and can identify it easily. As a Chilean person I’ve heard tango most of my life, so I know that music, too.

But I won’t stand for such a mix-up! HGTV has done this before. They must have like two “Latin” tracks that they play with each episode that goes south of the border: guitar and trumpet. Maybe all music from Latin America sounds the same to them. But we’re living in a world of Putumayo proliferation. Surely someone from HGTV has heard one of these CDs.

I can forgive HGTV from not using folkloric Chilean music for the episode set in Santiago. Unless you grew up listening to it I’m sure it’s not on one’s radar.

But tango? Hello, Scent of a Woman (1992).

It’s very distinctive music. And it’s so tied to Buenos Aires, I’m at a loss for HGTV’s mix-up. Gardel is rolling over in his grave. My advice is to watch Tetro (2009); this will forever bind tango with the Argentine capital.

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