Girl Crush

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s about time I admitted it: I have a major crush on Gwyneth Paltrow.

But it’s deeper than a crush, actually. I just think we’d be really good friends. We already have so much in common: our husbands look alike, we both speak Spanish, we both blog, we’re both Anglophiles, we’re both foodies, and we’re both Coldplay fans. A recent article in the Daily Mail cites “Strawberry Swing” as her favorite song from Viva la Vida. It’s my favorite, too (squeal)!

But seriously, I think we should be friends; a recommendation I don’t make casually. I really think that if we met, we’d hit it off. For example, many critics have called her blog a vanity project. But what blog isn’t? I’m not exactly typing for a cancer cure here. If you really read her blog you’ll notice that she includes many experts weighing in on interesting topics regarding all aspects of health.

Another example, she’s the quintessential good girl—sugar words, laced with bite. The same Daily Mail article cites her raunchy sense of humor. We’d get along famously; what a brunch that would be!

I know friendships should evolve naturally. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than forcing a situation; all of my childhood photos with Disney characters and me include my dad’s arm shoving me into a figure’s leg. Nonetheless, when Coldplay comes to Austin in September I’m extending an open invitation for breakfast tacos with Ms. Paltrow.

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