With a name like mine, people love giving me nicknames. One of the best of late is Party. It’s ironic because I’m an introspective hermit, but maybe that just makes me more potent in the right social situation. The custom lightbox was a birthday gift, made by an Austin-based artist.

I have an old-fashioned name that will most likely never come back in style like the swarms of Sofias and Olives on the playground right now. But then again I’m probably the only Doris you’ll ever know, so congrats! Besides growing into my name I’m a PhD candidate in art history, wrapping up my dissertation in Santiago.

Beyond academia, I also write for fun and this page is my space to vent, dream, and mostly pontificate. I’ve been blogging since 2005—Blogspot / Longhorn Confidential—and am optimistic about blogging for years to come.

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